Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Starting Out

Mostly, this blog is made because my professor Monte Michaelis said it's important to have a web presence... Honestly, I should have done this years ago. This is a damn good idea. Not only for getting my work in one place for my friends, family, and potential employers to see, and adding my thoughts on my process and inspirations, but also for being able to look back on how I thought about things and how I've evolved as an artist.

I'm gonna try to keep this fairly updated. I hope I can actually get some decent amount of work outside of school done. School is important and all, but I like to do my own thing too, ya know? Who doesn't? :) I do enjoy the school work, though. Art is always fun to work on. The years I've been at Digipen so far have been invaluable, all in all. I have learned a lot, and the knowledge I've gained will help me continue growing after I graduate this coming May.

Anyway, it's time to start sharing stuff with the interwebs! Hope anyone who comes across this blog enjoys seeing my work. Thanks. :)

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